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Pickup lines at School/High School

You really get a woman slowly. It's all a matter of psychology how to make a good bull fight.

- Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind

- I wish I limp - Why? - Because I'd like to have the stick like you

- Hey, where can I find halls for math? - How should I know? Do you want information, you go to the oracle, you want a guy ... You go to me :)

- Do you know what is magic? - How magic? - We go to me, I of buzzing, and you disappear :-)

- Hey, beybe! you dropped something! - What ?! - Pressure on my view

I would love to perform share exchange of saliva between goddess Us

Excuse me, would you like a moment to swap places, to marvel at me like I admire you for many minutes?

You've done something to your hair? They are amazing !!!

You know that you are the only person in the world, which we always like to see me is smiling? It makes you and I smile.

I do not know whether it landed, but is it a place for top students?

With such a leg I'd have come

Excuse me, what time is it? -10.20 - Aa..a of which we drink coffee?

Did you get my eye very, very deep ...

Why were not my sister midwife at the birth - I do not lose so much time looking for real beauty.

I see elements of happiness in your eyes, can not betray to the recipe?

Your hair is like the sun shining in the ears.

You have breasts like pears, nothing but bite into the body such as the damsel you

Hey, how about a little learning math: you add me, we subtract our clothes, split your legs and will multiply on the power !!

I love the butterflies in my stomach when I think of you, and when you see

- That I'm gonna fire you let these books for you. - ??? / No. - It's time to beer.

Do you know Shakespeare? - Yes. - And I do not, but you can introduce him to me.

- You kissed Moliere? - No / a what? - That you have the opportunity to try

- Do you read the same books as me? - Yyy, and what are you reading? - Thin.

- That Julia - ??? I do not have this name. - But I'm Your Romeo. - What? - That you are Julia.

- You attract me like a gravity well! - ??? - Because you have beautiful eyes as stars of Orion.

- I feel like a chemistry class. - Why? - Because experience paralyzes me / 'Cause you act to me-hydrogen chloride.

- You have a beautiful handwriting. - How do you know? - Because you have soft hands.

- Can You give me your autograph? - For what? - I want to have a memory of a beautiful noblistce.

If so, we can look at each other then I think of as well, we can get to know

I bet that you have a nice smile .. know :)

I'm new and I am looking for some ambitious friends who will lend me a note ... Are you ambitious?

I do not read science books, but I have one found in the library. Were you perhaps there once?

- Your name is Google? - No, why? - Because you're all I'm looking!

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