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Pickup lines at the disco

At the disco, Jasio approaches the girl sitting at the table:
- Will you dance?
- With pleasure.
- Good, because I have nowhere to sit.

Where you lose a little butt? How did you know my hands eagerly sought for

- You can help me keep my balance? - And what happens? - I guess you fly

Have you noticed my attention with its look, whether it destiny? Maybe we'll see?

Your blue eyes and blonde hair make me feel like James Bond and you'll be my girl, you want to be a Bond girl today?

Hey, I may not have the Golf III as those rams the past, but I have 2 hands and the brain, we know each other?

When I saw you, I felt like I won a million dollars, Can we dance?

When I saw you on the dance floor, I thought, "She dances for me," What is your name?

You smell ... It's the soap?

Hey you weed? Because I want you to break

- Hey little, do not walk after the rain. - Why? - Because you're so sweet, it shall melt.

If I told you that you had a great body, would you hold it against me?

You're beautiful like 12 at night

Was your dad a farmer? Cause you sure have great melons.

I am a bull, and I want you tick tick boom

- Have you seen the new pads in Ikea? - ??? - And I just see it;)

- My agility chameleon and your damn cat moves us to dance.

- 2 pi r is no pattern on the wheel. - ??? - How will you dance with me, you prove it.

- I want to dance with you as the Moon around the Earth.

- Have you ever been in the taiga? - No / ??? - Because you look at the canopy of a herd of lions.

- Hey little, you're insured? - Um, ??? - That's good, now I will be your insurer.

- Do you have a boyfriend? - Yes / No. - So now you have a new one.

- Did you hear about the Yakuza? - ??? / Some things down. - I, too, but now they're not here. - ??? - Now I am me and you.

- Looking for a prince? - Yes / No - It's me.

So I look at you and wonder which of you is often eroding? You (you show finger) and you (you show your finger to the other)

I have a BMW (Very Small Car) may be we will go somewhere near?

You're from outer space, or you wear underwear for astronauts? Because you butt out of this world!

Is your dad was not a gardener? Because you simply wonderful watermelons!

Can I borrow your phone? - (her answer eg Why?) -Because I want to call my mom and tell her that I found the woman of his dreams.

Hey. I noticed with great dancing, but why only with her friends?

What such a beautiful lady doing here alone?

Your chest should be out of the sand .... because I want to hide in the head

You are so beautiful that I can not go past? Do to you talk with me?

Guy (K) to the girl (D) and says: K: But you're sexy shoes! D: Seriously ?! A umówiłbyś them? K: I am happy :) Unless you come from.

- Could you help me? I am writing a book and gather information ... - What would you like to ask? - About your phone number! Ah, yes, I forgot to add that it will be a phone book!

I had a bad day today, and the smile of a beautiful woman always makes me humor. You smile for me?

Hey young, you have to be Cinderella, because I can see how this dress disappears at midnight

- Language is a bone or muscle? ~ muscle - It may be the wrestle?

- Do you have a boyfriend? ~ Yes! - And you want to be better?

- Sorry, but you owe me a drink. - Why? - Because as you saw it dropped its

- You can help me keep my balance? ~ And what happens? - I guess you fly

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