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Pick-up lines at the restaurant/bar

He tossed the large jute sack on the table, then stood behind my chair, leaned over, and brushed his lips against my cheek. - Beautiful and diabolical. You make me can't wait to be mine. I shivered at the touch of his lips and the seductive, harsh words. If he speaks in the same tone in bed, he can probably skip foreplay. He laughed and put his hands on my shoulders: - I really enjoy foreplay.

Jeaniene Frost, First touch of fire

- Do your parents used to work in a pastry shop can? - And why not? - Because you're so sweet

Can I buy you a drink, or do you just want the money?

My colleagues said that I will not have the guts to talk down to the most beautiful girl in the bar. Maybe you fancy a few drinks at their expense?

- You know the pick-up on Korzeniowski? - You want to go with me?

- Sorry, but you owe me a drink. - Why? - Because as you saw it dropped its

Your dad was a gardener? - Why do you ask? - Because you have tits like flower pots.

- But you're sexy shoes! - Seriously ?! Can you date with them? - I am happy :) Unless you come from

- I'm sorry if you're wearing these glasses so smart to look at whether you are simply blind? - Blind maybe I am, but hearing good

You draw my gaze. Can I buy you a drink?

Never before have you not seen here, I join you?

Would you be so kind as to put an buy me a drink ?, I left the credit card at his ex.

That's you looking at me already met somewhere? If not, why not change it?

When you came to this place immediately stopping by and in the eye, we know each other?

Your blue eyes are like a mirror on the diamond, can we talk?

When you saw you come in, I thought it would be fun to meet you, you give up an appointment?

When you watched, I thought that I had to approach today because I did not fall asleep :)

Hi, can I be your slave?

- You're like Alice in Wonderland. - Why? - Because you're breaking all the laws of physics. - What, for example? - Melt the ice mountain in the middle of winter.

- Did you hear about the great treasure of Pharaoh? - Which one? - The thing that stands before me.

- Do you like sweet things? - Yes, what? - Because I'm as sweet as a gummy haribo.

- Excuse me, what would you ordered from the menu? I'm a local. - Um, something .... - Or maybe allow you to sit for me?

- Hey waiter, please give her menu. - ??? - You are too beautiful. Dude like a ram. Can you tel.?

- Little want a drink? - Do not - And so you attitude.

- Do you like coffee? - Yes / No - That's good because I want to make a meeting with you

- Let that be ridden little.

Faint when I see your eyes. They are the most beautiful in the world and certainly not sleep today because of them I was thinking all the time

I know that the girls have to take care of the lines but maybe you feel like a hunk like me

You're from outer space, or you wear underwear for astronauts? Because you butt out of this world!

If so, we can look at each other then I think of as well, we can get to know

You are beautiful, like a porcelain doll, I'd like to put you on a shelf above the bed and enjoy a lifetime

What such a beautiful lady doing here alone?

Your dad must be a thief to steal all the diamonds in your eyes

I had a bad day today, and the smile of a beautiful woman always makes me humor. You smile for me?

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