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Pick-up lines on the street

You are walking down the street and suddenly you are passed by a wonderful, beautiful girl / woman with a great figure like a lightning from the blue sky. This view causes you to playful thoughts? You are looking for a good, effective pick up line to talk to a woman on the street?

- Such a nice and not pregnant? (slightly drunk): a snowman and not in the refrigerator?

Is your mom was a sapper figure because you're the bomb bay

Your chest should be out of the sand ... because I would hide in their head

Cool you have knee

I can ride my big Fiat into your garage ...?

If all the pies looked just like you, people despised by loin

When I see you, I feel like a ray of sunshine fell on my face, go for a walk?

When I see your smile, I feel like at the Oscars ceremony, you feel like a little black in my company?

You are like a bouquet of fresh flowers on a sunny summer day, you can do to invite a joint walk?

You're tanned like after the harvest, I can go Ferguson?

You are so beautiful that I would marry your cat just to get into your family.

They called me from heaven. They said that they had escaped one angel. But do not worry, I will not tell them where you are

Hey superstar you give me a kiss I'll cookie

Hi, can I be your slave?

If you were a radish long ago you would have snatched

Miss wheel sit, open your mouth and pretend walled - She: what do you mean ?? - You: You are so beautiful that I do not know what to say

- You look like Dolce&Gabbana. - Why? - Beacause you like as Charlie Angel

- You're like Venus who came down from the pedestal to Earth.

- I'm sorry, you want a picture of the future model? - ??? / No - And I like that!

- You're like a Ferrari! - Why? - For my thoughts are not keeping pace follow you / Because I'm too weak to ride with you chase

- Do you like to ride a toddler? - Do not. - That's good because I have a BMW.

- Cool outfit! - Thanks! - It'll look better in my arms.

- Horny to look like a ring on your finger Swarovski. - ??? - Yes, but let's start with coffee.

- Looking for a prince? - Yes / No - It's me.

You're from outer space, or you wear underwear for astronauts? Because you butt out of this world!

I bet that you have a nice smile .. know :)

Sorry, I'm what time? - (E.g., the response reaches 20). - Uh, it's time to get to know!

Can I borrow your phone? - (her answer eg Why?) -Because I want to call my mom and tell her that I found the woman of his dreams.

I am a photographer. I was looking for such a face as yours.

Can I be your patron of the media?

Is this you're the princess, which has long been looking?

Hey little. Time to pay rent for living in my heart!

Your dad must be a thief to steal all the diamonds in your eyes

Hey. Sorry for boldness, but your charm will not let me pass indifferently. Can you give Aug. invite for coffee (or other drink, depends on the aura) and give me a chance to know closer Cie?

- Now that we're going the same tram, this can we know?

- Could you help me? I am writing a book and gather information ... - What would you like to ask? - About your phone number! Ah, yes, I forgot to add that it will be a phone book!

Normally it is not putting the moves on women in the street, but this time I could not resist your beauty ...

The fact that you have nice eyes does not mean that you can look at me like you want me to eat

You have to borrow a pen ....? ~ Yes Well now, save me your phone number.

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